Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sunday August 6

This afternoon, after watching a Peacock, a Comma, and a Large White fluttering around the Buddleia, I finally got out to do some gardening. Mainly mowing the lawn.

This activity disturbed a new micro-moth for the year, a Common Plume.

Common Plume - Emmelina monodactyla
Another way to add a moth species to the garden list is to cut into an apple. We were curious to know how close to harvesting our apples are, so I picked a couple. One of these had an obvious hole, which on further investigation contained the grub of a Codling moth.

Codling Moth caterpillar - Cydia pomonella
I haven't seen any of the adult moths this year, but I did see one in the bathroom last year.

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