Monday, 17 July 2017

Monday July 17

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and the Buddleia bush added to its tally of butterflies, the count being two Red Admirals, two Large Whites, and a Comma.

I can't help thinking that we ought to be getting more than this. Meanwhile on the lawn, another Small Fan-footed Wave rested.

Small Fan-footed Wave
So much for the ones I could readily identify.

A striking Ichneumon Wasp landed on the front window. A quick bit of research revealed that there are about 2,500 UK species of Ichneumon, and even the brightly coloured ones can be very tricky.

Ichneumon sp - possibly Ichneumon suspiciosus
I will be having a go though. My research revealed that it was definitely a male. I have added a name to the caption, but I clearly do not have enough knowledge to come to a firm conclusion.

Also tricky was a little moth which made it into the bathroom last night, and which I successfully potted.

Crambus pascuella

I think its either another Crambus pascuella, and probably not a similar species Crambus uliginosellus. I was leaning towards the latter, but that is described as local in distribution. I now think its the former.

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